Healthivate 2013

Blogger’s community on Health & Wellbeing

Healthivate is a community for people who write about health in their blogs. We brainstorm, support, build friendships, educate, encourage, empower, create and share ideas, engage online and make connections with one another. We all come together with one major focus: HEALTH.

Mission: Healthivate Media Company aims to harness the power of social media to improve, educate and facilitate positive changes in peoples’ behaviors, thoughts and feeling about health and related issues.

Vision: The Healthivate Network aims to work and network with the blogging community and leading brands to disseminate useful information that will enable people to live healthier lives.

We facilitate access for leading bloggers around the globe to key opinion leaders and influencers who provide briefings and content on health and well-being issues, thus in turn enabling bloggers to educate and empower their online tribes. Our online reach is some 18 million page views per month via our network.

To achieve this we host special  highly experiential events + masterclasses + film nights + distribute the sought after Blogolicious Box of Goodies to leading bloggers and, host the bi-annual Healthivate  bloggers conference .The themes Healthivate encompasses include: Eating. Living. Giving. Movement Building. In 2014 we will host a series of blogger masterclasses:

  1. Healthy Eating and Exercise – The Keys to Slow Ageing
  2. Start a Conversation - Say NO to Workplace Bullying –  It’s Bad For Your Health And Productivity
  3. Fair Trade Your Supermarket – A Masterclass For Activists
  4. The Last Taboo – We Prepare For A Birth Yet We Shy Away From Talking About Death And Dying

Participatory Medicine Movement

Inspired by the growing participatory medicine movement, Healthivate seeks to provide blogger’s, as powerful influencers of their communities, with access to leading thought leaders as we discuss the individuals role in their own health and well-being in a completely different way. At some stage in our lives we are all patients and managing our  journey through health – wellness or illness must be a priority in our lives and that of our families. It is about empowerment.

Healthivate gives blogger’s the opportunity to explore these issues by sharing stories, resources and experiencing the latest tools in the realms of fitness, nutrition, beauty, sex, relationships, disease management, and health optimization, all under one roof.

Adopting a holistic approach to health, we also feature a number of social entrepreneurs who work to improve the health of others and to challenge you as blogger’s to take that story to a bigger stage and to join the movement. YOU can make a difference.

The Patient Activist

This societal shift from a paternalistic approach to medicine to a patient-centered one, with greater participation by patients in their care decisions, has exploded globally thanks to greater openness and access provided because of the Internet and online patient communities. Couple this with the rapid convergence of medical discovery, technology including big data, patient movement building and we are witnessing the birth of a new consumer movement at large – the patient activist.

Known as the rise of the e-patient, online advocates help others to join participatory medicine.  e-patients are empowered, equipped and engaged.


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