Sponsorship Opportunities – Healthivate 2014 MasterClasses

Healthivate is a blogging community that  attracts leading health and wellbeing bloggers from all around Australia. We host the biannual Healthivate bloggers conference and in 2014 will introduce a series of Blogger Masterclasses throughout the year. Bloggers will be attending to hear from an esteemed list of international and national health activists, social entrepreneurs, health industry experts, to network, to build relationships with potential brands and partners as well as to have a little fun. Healthivate specifically targets Health Activists – that 34% of online health consumers who are social media power users, most passionate about helping others with health issues and about using social media technology for health.

Sponsor HealthivateAnd your brand could be part of this blogging event too!

Healthivate 2014 offers a unique opportunity to create meaningful connections with Australia’s blogging community. Our sponsors are industry leaders who respect and value the blogging community space. Limited sponsorship packages are available and they are tailored to meet your blogger outreach and social marketing objectives.

Here’s Some Facts About Bloggers:

An influential group:

  • The combined readership of their blogs numbers well into the millions
  • They’re avid users of Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media
  • They’re smart and know how to leverage their reach effectively
  • They’re fussy as to the company they keep with brands – so here’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward
  • They have profile, they have influence and they use it on a daily basis

Check out this info graphic on the state of the Australian Blogosphere.

Also check out technorati’s state of blogosphere for 2011 – it is an insightful read as to the magnetic attraction of bloggers for brands.

Click below for Nuffnang’s 2012 Australian Blogosphere Report.

Nuffnang Australian Blogosphere Report

Mix With Influential Bloggers

A small number of opportunities exist to sponsor this event. We’re open to companies with a natural fit with a health focused  event and will tailor a sponsorship opportunity to fit with your branding goals. We’ll put you in front of these bloggers on March 2, 2013 – but indirectly you could be exposed to millions more through their blogs and hundreds of thousands of others in the lead up to and following the event via the web at the event via Twitter..


Our monthly newsletter offering health and wellbeing tips to bloggers within our network. We share recipes, wellness tips, special offers and brand outreach opportunities for bloggers.


Have a health or medical conference coming up? Then why not invite key Health Activist bloggers to attend to as your guests. We can help you. We have a highly targeted list of health and wellbeing activist bloggers who have expressed interest in attending conferences relevant to their blog audience, personal health interests and in some instances disease management focus.

Healthivate Gift BoxesBlogger Gift Bags

Distributed quarterly our Healthivate gift boxes are jammed full of inspiration, motivation and wonderful sampling for bloggers.Boxes are distributed in March, June, August and October. Submissions to be considered for inclusion close 8 weeks before box distribution. (Note: these are quality blogger gift items so please consider carefully your idea before submitting your offer.

Examples of How We Can Help Your Brand

Are you a Fitness Apparel Company? – bring along your gear and join bloggers at our laughter yoga session. Showcase this season’s best range in gym gear and more.

Sponsor Opportunity: Sponsor our morning workout sessions and have photos taken on the day tweeted around the country and world on the #healthivate hash tag

Are you an Airline? –we have a number of international guests travelling to Australia.

Sponsor Opportunity: Sponsor a speaker and invite them to share their travel journey to Australia with their readership around the globe. They’ll tweet, take pics and showcase your hospitality too.

Are you a Food or Beverage Company? – a blogger’s got to eat… put samples of your product in the hands (and mouths) of bloggers from around the nation. And if it’s healthy we will love you even more….

Sponsorship Opportunity: be the sole sponsor of our VIP luncheon session. We also have an evening networking event available too!


We’re just scratching the surface here – we’re open to working with all kinds of companies to find a win/win relationship for you, our event and our blogger attendees. Request a copy of our sponsorship proposal for more ideas.

Please note: Healthivate is a community event and as such we are grateful for the support of our sponsors who assist underwrite the costs of the event. Ticket prices are kept to a care minimum to allow the maximum number of bloggers to attend, many of them with young families.

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